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So I Stand Tall, It Gets A Little Better

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Hey, you seem to have gotten lost. Or you're actually bored enough to read my bio. Either way, cool beans. Keep reading.

My name is Kyla. I...

am an eighteen year old, soon-to-be alumni. I get along better with guys than girls... as long as I'm not french-tipping my nails or clothes shopping with them. We rally it up on dirtbikes, quads, and snowmobiles on the weekends and cause havoc in school during the weekday. My girlfriends and I are the group that partyboy people at school dances. [: In August 2010 I'll be attending college for nursing while participating in Detachment 001's Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program. Go me.

I See The Water, We Can Break Down Together

Looking for my graphics? Try icomm; I will be posting everything there from now on in order to organize myself a little better. Check out the community profile for links to affiliate, request, etc. (: Thank you!

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